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Whistle of Wings Print

   “Whistle of Wings” Print

Joins Two Southern Artists

Artist   J. W. “Jerry" Jones

     Artist Jerry Jones possesses a truly God-given talent that, when combined with his natural love of the outdoors, produces some of the most exhilarating images one could find. “This is a beautiful world we live in”, says Jones. “I am awestruck by the design, texture, color and emotion that I see and feel in creation…”  

     From the raw power of a fast-approaching thunderstorm to the constantly changing light and color of an old Tom turkey in full strut, Jones sees the drama of shape and form in almost anything that throws off an interesting drop shadow.  His pencil sketches on paper seem to come alive right in front of your eyes.  And did I mention color?  His Oil and Acrylics on canvas or wood panel capture not only the natural beauty, but also harness the energy of life itself.

     Jerry spends time in the outdoors whenever he is afforded the opportunity- walking in the wilderness, hunting, or just sitting and studying the beauty of his surroundings. “That’s why I like to draw and paint wildlife- I love what I see out there and want to take a piece of it home with me.”  Steadfast in the belief that we all have some of our Divine Creator’s nature within us, Jones starts off by saying, “Good job, God, but how did You do that?”  Then, following the natural shapes and colors, he tries to capture the essence of that creation, first in his heart and mind, in order to transcribe it onto paper, panel or canvas.


Writer/Artist  Scott Kinney

     Scott Kinney is an avid outdoorsman, classic duck call maker, and a published writer and poet.  His hand made duck calls are created in the spirit of the century-old Golden Age of Waterfowling, in which his great grandfather, G.D. Kinney, lived and made calls. Scott's Reelfoot style duck calls are featured in Garden & Gun Magazine's "Made in the South Awards, 2012", where he won the Outdoors Division. They are also to be featured on MSNBC's “Morning Joe” television program on November 20th, and are included in the book "The Legacy of the American Duck Call", by Howard Harlan and Jim Fleming.  

     Scott was a monthly contributor to Josh Bell's "Into Outdoors" magazine in 2011 and 2012, which was distributed in Memphis and throughout the Mid-South.


Partnering in 2012, the duo combine their artistic talents with their love of the outdoors to capture memories of our Southern Sporting Traditions for generations to come...


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